Two collectors weigh in…

I had sent an email out to a couple of people to get their opinion on the Logan’s (potential) prong puller.

Here are two responses:

Wow -I have never seen this puller before, the sheath and prongs are are quite long but I think it looks real, I certainly would have taken a chance. I assume the sheath fits through the prong openings?
The sheath sure has a large area for advertising neat design, perhaps a patent could have been considered but never “applied for”.
Continued happy hunting,


Interesting. Don’t know, wouldn’t rule it out, but: If designed as a cork puller the tips would be flattened to easily slide between cork and bottle neck. On the other hand, it appears that the sheath fits into the loop to serve as a T handle, but for what? To wind something up, to unlock something, ??? Don’t know. Holler if you get a good answer – very unusual.

It will be interesting to get a better look at it when it arrives, but until then… Feel free to weigh in!

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