I headed down to the post office today, and there were a couple of packages waiting for me. And, one of them was a corkscrew!

The other day, I had picked up an interesting lot of sterling pieces, and what I had thought was a Fairchild patent, was actually a LeRoy Haff patent. In fabulous shape, with lots of embossing not he case. It is pictured below next to another example I have, this time with a hammered finish.


The other arrival, was actually a small grouping of bottle openers with carrying beer advertising. The photos of the openers were poor, but still there were some interesting things within the lot, and they will all be heading to Chapel Hill, NC in April where the JFO meeting will be held.

TWJ, your pile is getting bigger!


And, as of a few minutes ago, a few more interesting corkscrews were added to the BUY NOW website. One of which, I jumped on immediately. I have several Heeley Double Levers, but I have never had one in the original box.

Note to self: keep checking the site, you never know what might show up!


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