Open that Bottle Night

The lovely personal personal trainer and I decided to have an “open that bottle night,” last night.

Not that we don’t open bottles every night, but we grabbed a nice vintage bottle of California Cabernet to go with our dinner.


The 1991 Montelena was acquired right when it was released many years ago. And, I had happened upon a case and a half of it a local wine shop where I had made a stop just after a round of golf.

I only bought a couple of bottles that first day, but went back and bought the rest the following afternoon.

And, over the years we have consumed most of it (with only two more bottles remaining).

After making our selection, the lovely headed off to the corkscrew case and made a selection of which corkscrew to utilize to remove the cork.

She opted for the Frary Giant…


It handled the job pretty well.

The wine is still yummy, definitely more mellow, but it was an excellent addition to the meal.