Off with his head!

Recently a Syroco Golden Knight appeared on eBay, and the auction ended last night.

The knight, however, was missing his body. And, all that remained was his head (and the corkscrew).


In the end, the knight’s noggin only hit 202 dollars, a far cry from what he would have fetched had he managed to keep his body. Or, if his body had managed not to lose its head.

On another corkscrew note, I picked up another Davis patent yesterday marked for the Chicago Columbian Exposition. This actually is a double, but is an upgrade from my previous example that had some finish loss.


I did steal away to the mainland yesterday, as there was an antique show in Bath, Maine. And, after hopping on the boat, stopping for a requisite cup of coffee, and making the trek down the coast, I arrived at the show. Walking through the booths, I found exactly two corkscrews; a williamson and a haff patent direct pull (for 3 dollars).

Oh well, maybe next time…