all common…

The lovely personal personal trainer is in California for the week, and this afternoon she (and the lovely sisters in law) were in Calistoga.

And, traipsing around our old stomping grounds, she apparently headed over to an antique store where years ago we purchased a huge antique grape carrier, to see if there were any corkscrews. When I opened my email, I received these pictures:

photo 2[10]

photo 1[5]

And, the message, “All common.”

Keep hunting baby!!!

While the lovely is in California, and tomorrow making the sojourn from Northern California down to Long Beach, I will be hopping on the boat in the morning, and then heading off for a day trip of antiquing… If any corkscrews are found, preferably of the uncommon variety, I will report back here.

That said, I did pick up a corkscrew moments ago on our second favorite website. A small figural monkey with folding worm, they don’t turn up often, and it will make a nice addition to the figural corkscrew collection.



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