a quick antiquing adventure…

I hopped on the first boat this morning, and with Philos keeping me company, began a trek North to hit a few antique stores. And, after a requisite cup of coffee, and filling the tank with gas, we headed to our first stop. The Big Chicken Barn!


Now, historically the Big Chicken Barn hasn’t had many corkscrews, but with that much space, and that many dealers, you have to check it out.

So, I headed in, turned right, and made my way down to one end of the barn and back towards the checkout counter–to this point; nothing. Not a single corkscrew!

Then, I headed towards the opposite side. I made it all the way to the end, and still nothing. So, I turned, and started the trek back towards the entrance wondering if anything would turn up.

And, while it was nothing to write home about, I saw a nice little t pull with an 8 dollar price tag.

The helix is sharp, so why not.


And, in the very next booth, I saw an interesting bell assist corkscrew. I picked it up, and given its price tag, it was a definite steal. Two dollars and fifty cents!!!

I couldn’t see any markings. But the upturned hook on the bell was pretty telling.

Can you say Murphy???

And, with my handy iPhone mag light app, the mark shortly revealed itself.


Excited about the Murphy find, P-Doggy and I headed on up towards The Creamery (another antique store). And, there I found another interesting corkscrew. Not rare, but cool nonetheless.

In 2009, at the JFO meeting, I purchased an interesting Clough corkscrew from TWJ. It was marked A.W. Stephens with a patent date (the patent belonged to Clough) and it was an advertisement for O.P.T. Pure Rye Whiskey. But, what was also interesting was that it was black with red writing. You don’t see that many Clough sheaths painted.


At The Creamery, I found another O.P.T., but this time with the plain wood sheath, but the markings are identical.


With A.W. STEPHENS, CAMBRIDGE and with Clough’s patent date.


Not a bad day off-island!

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