Countdown to the JFO

With the corkscrew gods having left the area and now shining down on Tommy Campnell (at least for the time being) the corkscrew news in Maine hasn’t been that newsworthy.

Still, with Spring upon us (at least that is what the calendar says, despite the forecast snow storm) soon enough the JFO will be also be upon us, and surely there will some deals made there.

And, while I have no doubt I will find a corkscrew in the next few days which will be blog worthy, until that happens, why not pick up a few openers for the Just For Openers meeting in April.

So, yesterday, I saw an interesting lot on eBay which had a decent buy it now price. I pounced.

Nothing terribly rare in the lot, but the two sliding openers (M-3’s in JFO-speak) made the lot a pretty good deal.



Today, I will be on the mainland, and perhaps a corkscrew or two will turn up in between running errands. If they do, I will be sure to update you all here.

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