mumble mumble mumble

While at the JFO, as you already know, I managed to add a 1934 William F Paradise patent mumble peg patent with corkscrew. And, as is often the case, once I get a corkscrew in my hands, I start researching the maker and the patent.

After an email inquiry, a few friends sent photos of their mumble pegs




There isn’t a ton of information on Paradise out there, but he was awarded three patents; the Mumble Peg Toy, a Process of Making Freezing, and Hardening Ice Cream and Apparatus Therefor, and his final patent for an Ice Pick–the ice pick is interesting as it looks remarkably similar to the mumble peg, with a slightly different handle.


Could there be a 1936 Paradise patent Ice Pick out there that includes a corkscrew as well???

Let the hunt begin.

Little Brass Multitool

Almost a month ago, I found this little interesting brass multi-tool with corkscrew on our second favorite auction site. It it looked interesting enough, so why not take a chance.

And, for the last month I have been waiting for it to arrive.


Well, not really waiting.

In fact, I had actually forgotten about it. So, when it arrived today, it was a pleasant surprise.

If anyone has any information on this one, it would be appreciated! No markings on the piece, and the little gold writing inside of the leather case is illegible.





first one to find the corkscrew, gets the box…

While Tommy and I were visiting Paul and Anne Luchsinger’s house earlier this month, Paul opened one of the drawers of corkscrews, and pointed to a box. And, proceed to ask if either of us had the corkscrew which belonged in said box.


I didn’t have it, and Tommy didn’t have it.

“Well, if you ever find one…” Paul began to say.

“You want it right?” I responded.

“No, whomever finds the corkscrew first” Paul continued, “They get the box.”

Sounds like a fair offer.

Now, where might I find an unusual French corkscrew with Perille like propellor, and a cap lifter that looks like the one shown illustrated on the empty box???


And, given I like a challenge. Let the hunting commence!


Mission accomplished Paul!

Feel free to send the box!!!!

Another Murphy with Blade

While traipsing around Virginia and North Csrolina for the JFO adventure, I managed to pick up my first R. Murphy Corkscrew with a knife/blade on the side of the handle. And, I was quite pleased when it arrived and it fits well within the Murphy collection.

And, it was my plan to add it to the Murphy page, but given a few other chores required attending after being gone a week, updating the website hasn’t been the priority.

Then, just yesterday, I was offered another Murphy with a blade. And, while it looks very similar to the one I just acquired, how could I not say “I’ll take it!”

americana cork screws 002

americana cork screws 003

americana cork screws 009

So, I took it!

In looking at the pictures, the handle could be slightly different than the other bladed one… In comparing the two, based on the pictures received, it does look like the acorn handles are a different size.


When it arrives in a couple of days, I will look closely and post pictures then.

And, with chores attended too, I will update the Murphy page soon!

If you have a MURPHY, R. MURPHY, or R. MURPHY BOSTON corkscrew with which you would like to part, drop me a line. Heck, drop me a line if you have any antique corkscrews that you would like to sell or trade!

Interesting Bow…

Last week, an interesting little bow was listed on our second favorite auction site, and I made sure it was on my watch list. With an unusual helix, and a low starting bid (7.95), I thought it would make an interesting addition to the collection.

As the week progressed, I would check to see how the bidding was going, and it languished at 7.95 for some time, eventually getting a second bid.

Was it going to slip through? Apparently not!

Still, at that point it was still under 10 bucks. So, it wasn’t garnering that much interest.

As we neared the ending date, there seemed to be a couple of interested parties, one bidder in particular who likes to bid in small increments.


With the auction ending, and the price climbing. I placed out a bid and was in the lead until the very end. Until, the aforementioned small-increment-guy (henceforth known as “SIG”) bid a few more times.

As the auction was about to close–true to form–SIG bid again and was in the lead by a dollar.

So, I figured with only a bit of time left, I would throw out a rather large (think stupid number) and see if my competitor would pony up.

They didn’t.

Probably a little too much for this particular corkscrew, but I like that the bow only has two turns.

When it arrives, I will provide better pictures.



Four Murphys

As mentioned earlier, over the course of the JFO adventure, I managed to pick up 4 R. Murphy Boston corkscrews, three at Don’s house, and one via our second favorite auction site.

In telling the lovely personal personal trainer tales of our adventures, we noticed that each of the three Murphys from DB’s house were different; different sizes, different turning on the handles, different worms. Definitely a neat threesome to add to the collection.




While two do look very similar, one is slightly larger than the other. And, both are pinned on the side in the tip of the acorn. And, of course the worms are different. The wire worm is marked R. MURPHY, and the one with the bladed worm is marked R. MURPHY BOSTON.

The earlier example with the elongated acorn turned handle is signed MURPHY and is pinned at the top of the handle.


The fourth Murphy is the first example I have owned with a knife blade. This one has a fancier shank, and is marked R. MURPHY BOSTON.


These will all be added to the Murphy corkscrew page in the coming days!

If you have an unusual “MURPHY,” “R. MURPHY” or “R. MURPHY BOSTON” signed corkscrew with which you want to part, feel free to drop me a line.

And, then there were corkscrews…

After a bit of drive on the final day of the JFO, which actually wasn’t the final day, as that was Saturday, and Sunday was actually a much anticipated bonus day, we arrived at Don and Bonnie’s house..

As it happened, the entire JFO group was too take a trip to Bull’s house, but Tommy and I were asked to come over a little early to deliver some ice for the festivities.

So, yesterday morning, we hit the road early and meandered around North Carolina, then through Virginia, avoiding a traffic accident that had closed the roads–taking gravel backroads and trusting our GPS, and pulled in front of the house at the appointed time.

Fabulous view Don and Bonnie!

After ringing the bell, we exchanged greetings, and in short order were ushered downstairs and given a tour. And, there were a few corkscrews…



Maybe more than a few…




Okay, there are a LOT of corkscrews…




And, out back of the house, there were boxes of corkscrews! Lots of boxes of corkscrews!


Lots and lots. And, they were for sale!

Having performed out appointed task of delivering ice, we were invited to go through the boxes and pick out a few. Tommy went full-on honey-badger on the pile, and had a box of about 40 while I had one or two in my hands.

I decided to take a different approach that point, and wandered off to the corkscrew museum and tried to take in the collection (not that I tried to take anything, mind you) just take it all in.

After a while, the rummaging through boxes ceased, and Don, Tommy, and I talked about various things. We got a preview of some other items that would soon be put up for sale, and I did pick out a couple of those. And, then in visiting the photo studio, I saw three Murphy direct pulls that I didn’t have, and since those were already photographed and going up for sale soon, a deal was struck on those. So, a small pile was accumulating.

TC, had just selected another bunch, and his pile was three boxes full (or partially full).

About that time, the rest of the JFO’ers arrived, and the group tours began. Doors to cases were open, corkscrews were examined, stories exchanged, and everyone enjoyed the fantastic collection and Don and Bonnie’s hospitality.

Every once in a while, when the museum was a little less crowded, I would pull a corkscrew out of the case, and as Don if it was for sale. There were a lot of “No’s.” What was IN the collection was off limits. Still, as we have seen over the last few days, it never hurts to ask.

And, so, with one particular unusual folding corkscrew in my hand, which I was rather enamored with, instead my asking, Don offered it to me (for a price).

A deal was done.


With trophy in hand, I headed off for a glass of wine, where I ran into Tommy. He saw that I had struck a deal, and knew that he too needed to make a play for a corkscrew that he was after.

Rumor had it that DB had two examples of the Paradise patent Mumble Peg. The same one that I had acquired from TWJ the other day. I had seen one, whilst perusing the collection, and it turns out he didn’t have two. And, after TC made a crazy offer, Don’s one example, is now Tommy’s.

The hours raced by, and before long, the rest of the JFO folk departed, and it was just Tommy and I that remained. So, Don grabbed a bottle of wine, and we headed to his office where we sat, and exchanged stories.

It was a fantastic visit and a wonderful opportunity to view Don’s collection.


After a while, we went back into the museum, and as we were looking at various pieces, Don would say jokingly, “I like corkscrews.”

I would say so…

And, given that I do to. I brought some home with me.


And, epic day in an epic week of corkscrewing around at the JFO!


Again, many thanks Don and Bonnie!

JFO – Day 4

Yesterday, I awoke remembering that I needed to set up for the buy and sell. After getting ready, and gulping coffee, I grabbed a couple of display cases and a large box of old can openers and made my way downstairs.

Not many sales early on, but I did pick up a couple of corkscrews that weren’t available earlier. A So-ezy and a figural gnome looking corkscrew similar to one that was just listed on the collector corkscrews auction.


On the little dude’s back, there is some writing…


Towards the end of the buy and sell, I did manage a sale however, and it was a good one. The can openers that I purchased as a lot the other day (what was left of them anyway) were sold for one price, and a nice profit.

With some additional cash in hand, and the sale pretty much over, TC and I packed up, stashed our stuff, and headed out on another antiquing adventure.

We did find corkscrews!





None of which were purchased, but we did “find” them.

After the drive back home, and much laughter along the way, we met up with Jeb for dinner, and the hilarity continued.

This morning, there WILL be corkscrews! We are heading to Don and Bonnie’s house in Wirtz, VA. I have no doubt it will be fantastic time, and the corkscrews will be amazing!

Will any find their way into our collections? I will report back later!