An interesting lot of tools was put up last night on eBay with a buy it now or best offer option. I recognized some openers that might be JFO-fodder right away, but saw something else that looked familiar.

The photos weren’t particularly good, but as I looked at the photos, I became increasingly intrigued.


I looked.

And, I looked again.

And, I looked again,

Then I grabbed O’Leary’s book on American patents.


I looked again…

Then, I remembered John Morris’ presentation on newly discovered American patents that he gave at the Chicago ICCA. I went to and visited the library section. ‘

After scanning through the pages of John’s presentation, there it was:


Is that odd tool in the middle of the picture a Greeley variant?

I emailed the seller to ask if it might possibly be marked.

He responded with, “The tools are all old enough that part of the information is illegible.”


If it had the patent date, it would be a steal for his buy it now price.

If he can’t see the patent date. Well…, why not take a chance. I am pretty sure that the rest of the lot could recoup the cost.

And, so, I took the chance.

But, what do you think. Might the little tool with the hook be a Greeley? Or, is it something else?