As you all know, I do buy a few corkscrews. And, many of these make their way to the island via the United States Postal Service.

The other day, I managed to pick up one of those M-73 slider corkscrew thingies, and have patiently been awaiting its arrival. And, according the tracking information, it was processed here and there, and had departed the Scarborough, Maine sorting facility.

This would mean it is on a delivery truck, and heading for its final destination. Well, technically not its final destination, as I have to go down to the post office box and pick it up.

So, as it didn’t arrive with today’s mail, I went back to the tracking information and there it was.

It departed San Jose, CA, arrived in Scarborough, was dispatched from Scarborough and then was missent.


What does that mean?


So, the tracking information says it was missent to Warren, Maine. Not that far from here, but on the mainland, and home to Chester’s Chicken and Porn–not that I frequent that business. And, not that Chester’s Chicken and Porn is the store’s real name, but there is store in Warren, Maine where one can buy Chester’s Chicken, rent videos (of various nature), get gas, buy pot pipes, beer, groceries, and after you have done all that, you can rent a u-haul truck.

But, I digress.

As I am want to do.

Anyway, after checking with the postal service, said corkscrew will be processed through the Warren post office, and ultimately “unmissent” to Vinalhaven. At least, that is what we know thus far. It is entirely possible, the unmissent missent package could be again missent.

We will wait and see.

Well, that was unexpected…

The other day, I mentioned a tool lot, with what looked like it might have a Greeley variant amongst the other tools. And, when it arrived today, I rifled through the box searching for the Greeley.

After pulling out multiple tools, and a few openers, I found the Greeley, except…

It wasn’t a Greeley after all.

Oh well, you gotta take a chance every once in a while.

The hunt continues!