back to Scarborough and a Syroco Indian

The missent m-73 was sent back to the Scarborough USPS sorting facility, and will either arrive on Monday, or will start heading back to San Jose, CA only to be shipped back to Vinalhaven again. Hopefully, it arrives on Monday and won’t have to risk being missent yet again.


The other day, Tommy and I were talking on the phone about Syroco stuff. And, he asked when was the last time that I bid or bought on a waiter or codger. I told him that I couldn’t rightly say but it has been some time.

I have enough Syroco waiters to staff a rather large restaurant, but if the price was right, I may go for it. And, with the codger, I have a couple, but I have always found them rather creepy looking–I have one in stain, one in paint, and one stained with an advertisement for Socony-Vacuum. That said, if the price was right, I might pick another one up.

And, as it happened moments ago, a Syroco corkscrew was listed on eBay with a Buy it Now. And, the price was right : )

Well, it could have been lower, but it seemed pretty fair.


How could I resist?