Tomorrow, I hop on the first boat and head down to Portland to the airport. And, after a few hours will find myself in Chapel Hill. And, soon enough the JFO meeting will commence.

Tommy, opted to drive, and I am sure he will do some antiquing along the way. Word was he was going to leave last night, and will take a few days to make the trek.

And, he might need a few days. After a little searching, I found 147 Antique malls and shops along one route.


With 147 shops and malls within which one might hunt for corkscrews, it might take him more than two days!

Knowing that some malls are quite large, with hundreds of dealers, let’s just assume 30 minutes per shop–this would take into consideration the time paying for the twisted treasures that are found.

And, knowing that would have to be off the interstate to hit these shops, we will slow down the mph by about half.

Then, there is sleep, food, drink, etc.,

147 stores, driving time, a couple of hours for eating various meals, sleeping for a few hours in the evening. That roughly comes out to about 94 hours.

And, I just got word from TC that he actually left this morning, instead of last night.

So… I am guessing that he will have to skip a few stores, or he will be rolling into Chapel Hill sometime next week : )


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