slight change of plans…

Living on an island does present a few challenges. We have most of the conveniences one would desire, but the fact that we depend on boats to get back and forth to the mainland can require changes of plans based on the weather and seas.

And, yesterday morning, as I was consuming a fair amount of coffee, I decided to check NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for today’s forecast. With a gale warning in effect, steady winds of 20 to 30 knots, and gusts to exceed 40 knots, it was entirely possible that making the 14 mile crossing was not going to be possible.


So, when the lovely personal personal trainer returned from the gym, we discussed our options.

Instead of taking the chance that no boats would run–which happens fairly frequently when there are high winds, I quickly packed up corkscrews and openers, clothes and computer, and got to the mainland yesterday afternoon.

Interestingly, the last time the lovely personal personal trainer was trying to make a trip, we encountered a similar issue. Her planned day to cross, the boats didn’t run at all. And, the day she did make it off the island, only the first and second boats ran. And, word was, it was a fairly rough ride.

After making it across, I grabbed a requisite cup of coffee, and headed down to Portland.

And, while it would have been decidedly more enjoyable to share dinner with the lovely, the short ribs at Local 188 were pretty fabulous.


Whilst on my walk up to Local 188, I got word from Tommy that he was ending his driving adventure for the day. No corkscrew finds as of yet, but he will be taking the backroads and hitting malls and stores along the way to Chapel Hill this morning. Good Hunting TC!

As for me, the change of plans has given me the morning in Portland. So, perhaps a run, then breakfast, a visit to the Apple Store, and then heading to the airport.

Soon enough, the JFO-ing will officially commence.