JFO, before day one!

The JFO meeting officially starts today, but I arrived late yesterday afternoon, and Tipped Worm Johnny picked me up at baggage claim.

After a short ride, and a few conversations about next year’s JFO in Phoenix, we arrived at the hotel. I checked in, and shortly thereafter met him down in the room where the meeting will held.

In the room are boxes and boxes and boxes of openers (and a few corkscrews). I looked through a few, and then TWJ pulled out of his pocket a corkscrew that I have long been after. I looked at it, admired it, and then he asked what I had brought with me.

I headed back up stairs, soon enough was back down with a box of trade bait. He rifled through, picked out this and that. We discussed pricing and values, and then finally came to a deal. He received a small pile of corkscrews and openers (and a small pile of cash) and I received a corkscrew that has been on my wish list for years.


With the Hicks and Reynolds deal done, TWJ had to run off to do some more errands. And, then I saw an interesting box that I had yet to rifle through.

I told him I would go back to my room and look at them there, and we went our separate ways.

Not many corkscrews in this box, but it has a huge amount of can openers. Should a new collection begin?





It very well may!

While I was back in my room examining the various openers, Tommy called to say he was close. Within short order he was knocking on the door. And, he brought corkscrews for trade, corkscrews for show and tell, 4 bottles of Kim Crawford sauv blanc, and the requisite Capt. and diet coke (his drink of choice)!

Okay! I am here, Tommy is here, TWJ has boxes of openers downstairs in the meeting room.

Let the JFO-ing begin!


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