JFO Day One

It is the morning of JFO day two, and in a few minutes TC and I will be road-tripping around. And, hopefully, picking up some corkscrews along the way (and on the way back).

Day one was quite the event, and I did make a few deals. And, true to form, I acquired a few, and Tommy went for the bulk.

This isn’t a question of quality over quantity, as Tommy definitely acquired some good stuff. But, he also acquired a LOT of stuff.


While I did buy the box of can openers mentioned yesterday, and of course the folding Hicks & Reynolds, I also picked up a malt syrup cork puller, a pair of half-flesh legs, a Chief, and a Neal patent.



Fortunately for Tommy, he is driving, and will be able to pack his trunk full of treasures. And, this is only the haul from day one. Day two begins today, and word is someone is bringing 5,000 openers.

How many corkscrews will be in his collection, one can only imagine.

How many will end up in Tommy’s car, I am guessing about one-third!


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