JFO Day 2

While we were driving around the other day, a phone call came in from a longtime corkscrew collector (and friend) that knew we were (kind of) in the area, and we all agreed a visit was in order.

So, this morning after taking care of a few blogging and teaching responsibilities, we found ourselves on the road. Nearly a four hour drive down, and knowing there would be a four hour drive back, TC and I discussed the possibilities.

What will there be to buy?

We arrived, right on time, and were greeted at the door with warmth and hospitality, and in short order found ourselves in the corkscrew room. After a bit of show and tell, and beginning to understand what might NOT be for sale, which was everything, I mentioned a peg and worm in which I was rather interested.

This is actually the second example of the same peg and worm that I have seen with similar advertising. And, while almost identical to one that I had previously acquired, there were subtle differences which made it that much more appealing. And, it was in perfect condition.

Even though nothing was for sale, I had suggested a price, and we were close to a deal when word arrived that lunch was ready.

After lunch, wine, and conversation, we headed back to the corkscrew room. My offer, was promptly countered.

For less…




Wow… nice deal.

After agreeing, and how could I not, I suggested that if I was going to get a souvenir, TC should have one too.

So, I went about opening various drawers, which more often than not, prompted the response of Nope, No, No, No, No, and No. Then I grabbed a corkscrew which I genuinely covet. Knowing what the response would be, and it was indeed “No,” TTommy asked to see the piece, and asked if he could simply make an offer.

I wondered to myself, it better be a good offer, this is a smokin’ piece.

A bit of silence, then Tommy went into American Pickers mode, and asked, “What is the I really don’t want to sell it price.”

And, with no response, Tommy just blurted out an offer, and followed that with counting out the cash on the table.

The deal was agreed upon.

I was little jealous, as I too wanted the piece, but I had to admire his gumption. A Barnes patent bow with sleeve? WOW!!!!!


I went back to the drawers, and ferreted out another rare patent piece that I thought would be a nice addition. This one, wasn’t even available for crazy offers.

No worries, I will remember this for a later deal.

Then, I remembered a nice Hagenauer dog that was in one of the bottom drawers. I pulled it out, placed it next to the previously agreed upon corkscrew.


I threw out a price, and he countered higher. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, and he suggested we flip for it.

Being impartial, TC flipped, I called, and I got the lower price.

After a bit more corkscrewing around, it came time for us to depart. We said our goodbyes, shook hands, and wished each other well. We will all see each other soon at the upcoming corkscrew meetings, and it was a good day of corkscrews, of corkscrewing, good conversation, nice hospitality, and of watching Tommy throw caution to the wind and dollars at a really rare patented corkscrew, and it was nice to see him add a piece to his collection, that will surely make his best 6 of the year.

With a four hour drive a head of us, we headed out–but not without hitting an antique mall along the way. Nothing there, but we tried!

About an hour from home, I remembered that there was a lot on eBay that was soon to be ending, and with smartphones available the item was revisited. With 15 minutes to go, it was at the opening bid. TC and I discussed the right price. We knew who was the first bidder, and wondered what it would take to ensure a win. With 2 minutes to go, I placed a bid, and was the high bidder, only 1 dollar over the opening bid. And, then the clock ran down till about 5 seconds.

The price jumped, twice, but the my bid was enough. We sagphu’d the competition!

The corkscrew, was actually in a lot of kitchen gadgets, but is quite unusual. It is an R. Murphy Boston direct pull, but is the old style acorn handle, and with a blade. Definitely a great addition to the collection.




A rare example of the Murphy!

Shortly after successfully winning the auction, I received an email which asked, “Josef Was that you who outbid my on the Murphy with knife? Nice corkscrew.”

Why yes… Yes it was!!!

Tomorrow we will be heading to TWJ’s house as the meeting continues. He has mentioned a few bar screws that are available. I am guessing there are a few more than that.

More news as it happens!