JFO – Day 4

Yesterday, I awoke remembering that I needed to set up for the buy and sell. After getting ready, and gulping coffee, I grabbed a couple of display cases and a large box of old can openers and made my way downstairs.

Not many sales early on, but I did pick up a couple of corkscrews that weren’t available earlier. A So-ezy and a figural gnome looking corkscrew similar to one that was just listed on the collector corkscrews auction.


On the little dude’s back, there is some writing…


Towards the end of the buy and sell, I did manage a sale however, and it was a good one. The can openers that I purchased as a lot the other day (what was left of them anyway) were sold for one price, and a nice profit.

With some additional cash in hand, and the sale pretty much over, TC and I packed up, stashed our stuff, and headed out on another antiquing adventure.

We did find corkscrews!





None of which were purchased, but we did “find” them.

After the drive back home, and much laughter along the way, we met up with Jeb for dinner, and the hilarity continued.

This morning, there WILL be corkscrews! We are heading to Don and Bonnie’s house in Wirtz, VA. I have no doubt it will be fantastic time, and the corkscrews will be amazing!

Will any find their way into our collections? I will report back later!

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