And, then there were corkscrews…

After a bit of drive on the final day of the JFO, which actually wasn’t the final day, as that was Saturday, and Sunday was actually a much anticipated bonus day, we arrived at Don and Bonnie’s house..

As it happened, the entire JFO group was too take a trip to Bull’s house, but Tommy and I were asked to come over a little early to deliver some ice for the festivities.

So, yesterday morning, we hit the road early and meandered around North Carolina, then through Virginia, avoiding a traffic accident that had closed the roads–taking gravel backroads and trusting our GPS, and pulled in front of the house at the appointed time.

Fabulous view Don and Bonnie!

After ringing the bell, we exchanged greetings, and in short order were ushered downstairs and given a tour. And, there were a few corkscrews…



Maybe more than a few…




Okay, there are a LOT of corkscrews…




And, out back of the house, there were boxes of corkscrews! Lots of boxes of corkscrews!


Lots and lots. And, they were for sale!

Having performed out appointed task of delivering ice, we were invited to go through the boxes and pick out a few. Tommy went full-on honey-badger on the pile, and had a box of about 40 while I had one or two in my hands.

I decided to take a different approach that point, and wandered off to the corkscrew museum and tried to take in the collection (not that I tried to take anything, mind you) just take it all in.

After a while, the rummaging through boxes ceased, and Don, Tommy, and I talked about various things. We got a preview of some other items that would soon be put up for sale, and I did pick out a couple of those. And, then in visiting the photo studio, I saw three Murphy direct pulls that I didn’t have, and since those were already photographed and going up for sale soon, a deal was struck on those. So, a small pile was accumulating.

TC, had just selected another bunch, and his pile was three boxes full (or partially full).

About that time, the rest of the JFO’ers arrived, and the group tours began. Doors to cases were open, corkscrews were examined, stories exchanged, and everyone enjoyed the fantastic collection and Don and Bonnie’s hospitality.

Every once in a while, when the museum was a little less crowded, I would pull a corkscrew out of the case, and as Don if it was for sale. There were a lot of “No’s.” What was IN the collection was off limits. Still, as we have seen over the last few days, it never hurts to ask.

And, so, with one particular unusual folding corkscrew in my hand, which I was rather enamored with, instead my asking, Don offered it to me (for a price).

A deal was done.


With trophy in hand, I headed off for a glass of wine, where I ran into Tommy. He saw that I had struck a deal, and knew that he too needed to make a play for a corkscrew that he was after.

Rumor had it that DB had two examples of the Paradise patent Mumble Peg. The same one that I had acquired from TWJ the other day. I had seen one, whilst perusing the collection, and it turns out he didn’t have two. And, after TC made a crazy offer, Don’s one example, is now Tommy’s.

The hours raced by, and before long, the rest of the JFO folk departed, and it was just Tommy and I that remained. So, Don grabbed a bottle of wine, and we headed to his office where we sat, and exchanged stories.

It was a fantastic visit and a wonderful opportunity to view Don’s collection.


After a while, we went back into the museum, and as we were looking at various pieces, Don would say jokingly, “I like corkscrews.”

I would say so…

And, given that I do to. I brought some home with me.


And, epic day in an epic week of corkscrewing around at the JFO!


Again, many thanks Don and Bonnie!

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