Interesting Bow…

Last week, an interesting little bow was listed on our second favorite auction site, and I made sure it was on my watch list. With an unusual helix, and a low starting bid (7.95), I thought it would make an interesting addition to the collection.

As the week progressed, I would check to see how the bidding was going, and it languished at 7.95 for some time, eventually getting a second bid.

Was it going to slip through? Apparently not!

Still, at that point it was still under 10 bucks. So, it wasn’t garnering that much interest.

As we neared the ending date, there seemed to be a couple of interested parties, one bidder in particular who likes to bid in small increments.


With the auction ending, and the price climbing. I placed out a bid and was in the lead until the very end. Until, the aforementioned small-increment-guy (henceforth known as “SIG”) bid a few more times.

As the auction was about to close–true to form–SIG bid again and was in the lead by a dollar.

So, I figured with only a bit of time left, I would throw out a rather large (think stupid number) and see if my competitor would pony up.

They didn’t.

Probably a little too much for this particular corkscrew, but I like that the bow only has two turns.

When it arrives, I will provide better pictures.



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