Another Murphy with Blade

While traipsing around Virginia and North Csrolina for the JFO adventure, I managed to pick up my first R. Murphy Corkscrew with a knife/blade on the side of the handle. And, I was quite pleased when it arrived and it fits well within the Murphy collection.

And, it was my plan to add it to the Murphy page, but given a few other chores required attending after being gone a week, updating the website hasn’t been the priority.

Then, just yesterday, I was offered another Murphy with a blade. And, while it looks very similar to the one I just acquired, how could I not say “I’ll take it!”

americana cork screws 002

americana cork screws 003

americana cork screws 009

So, I took it!

In looking at the pictures, the handle could be slightly different than the other bladed one… In comparing the two, based on the pictures received, it does look like the acorn handles are a different size.


When it arrives in a couple of days, I will look closely and post pictures then.

And, with chores attended too, I will update the Murphy page soon!

If you have a MURPHY, R. MURPHY, or R. MURPHY BOSTON corkscrew with which you would like to part, drop me a line. Heck, drop me a line if you have any antique corkscrews that you would like to sell or trade!

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