first one to find the corkscrew, gets the box…

While Tommy and I were visiting Paul and Anne Luchsinger’s house earlier this month, Paul opened one of the drawers of corkscrews, and pointed to a box. And, proceed to ask if either of us had the corkscrew which belonged in said box.


I didn’t have it, and Tommy didn’t have it.

“Well, if you ever find one…” Paul began to say.

“You want it right?” I responded.

“No, whomever finds the corkscrew first” Paul continued, “They get the box.”

Sounds like a fair offer.

Now, where might I find an unusual French corkscrew with Perille like propellor, and a cap lifter that looks like the one shown illustrated on the empty box???


And, given I like a challenge. Let the hunting commence!


Mission accomplished Paul!

Feel free to send the box!!!!

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