mumble mumble mumble

While at the JFO, as you already know, I managed to add a 1934 William F Paradise patent mumble peg patent with corkscrew. And, as is often the case, once I get a corkscrew in my hands, I start researching the maker and the patent.

After an email inquiry, a few friends sent photos of their mumble pegs




There isn’t a ton of information on Paradise out there, but he was awarded three patents; the Mumble Peg Toy, a Process of Making Freezing, and Hardening Ice Cream and Apparatus Therefor, and his final patent for an Ice Pick–the ice pick is interesting as it looks remarkably similar to the mumble peg, with a slightly different handle.


Could there be a 1936 Paradise patent Ice Pick out there that includes a corkscrew as well???

Let the hunt begin.