Fantastic Birthday!

The lovely personal personal trainer and left the island the other day for a birthday trip off the island. Yes, it was my birthday, and the lovely surprised me with an fun adventure.

We started, after getting off the boat, with lunch at Saltwater Farm, a nice little spot in Rockport, Maine.

From there we headed south, and it was only as we were nearing our final destination that I was told where we were staying; The Wentworth!



With a fabulous room, and awesome views, we opened a bottle of wine and just enjoyed each other’s company. As dinnertime would soon be upon us, we discussed whether we would like to keep our reservations at The Black Trumpet–a fabulous restaurant in Portsmouth, or if we would rather stay at the resort, and enjoy food at “Salt.” we opted for the latter, and at the appointed time headed downstairs for some delicious yumminess (and wine of course).

The next morning we had a nice run along the coast, followed by a little antiquing.

No corkscrews were purchased on the trip back home, but it was a lovely evening and morning with the lovely bride. A great way to celebrate my birthday!


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