Maine Marathon and the CEO

A couple of years ago, I ran the Maine Marathon. And, at the start, it was cold, windy, and raining (sideways). Still, given the amount of training I had put in, I knew that I would traverse the soggy 26.2 miles.

My time, was not my best. Given the conditions however, it wasn’t that bad.

This morning, after a few cups of coffee, I decided to go for it again. And, registered for this year’s marathon.


Surely it won’t be sleeting this year : )

On the Vinalhaven Fitness front, the lovely CEO (Chief Exercise Officer) had class registration yesterday, and was working with personal training clients this morning. The programs/classes that she is offering are building a terrific excitement on the island! She is simply amazing!

I know I should be blogging about something corkscrew-related here, but our attention as of late, has definitely been on the new fitness studio.

That said, for those that are needing to see pictures of corkscrews, here you go:


These were offered this afternoon via email. Feel free to turn your laptop upside down, and squint!

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