I am through you are next

Bob Gilbride emailed yesterday with pictures of the Anton Trunk patent corkscrew, that is in his collection.

photo 1[20]

This isn’t being made available, he was just sharing.

(Not that it kept me from asking, mind you)

Anyway, his Trunk is incised with the the message I AM THROUGH YOU ARE NEXT. And, in our exchange, he asked what I thought it might mean.

What could it mean, given the fact that it is a corkscrew, a naked woman corkscrew at that, and from 1886 (or thereabouts, as Trunk was awarded his patent in 1886).


In considering the message, I am thinking “I AM THROUGH.” refers to the fact that the corkscrew has removed the cork. Whether it is because she made it through the cork, or whether her job is done, so she is through, it still works. “YOU ARE NEXT” might mean that it is your turn to get through the contents of the bottle.

But, it would be interesting to see what you all think. What do you think the saying, “I AM THROUGH YOU ARE NEXT.” would mean.

Feel free to comment or email me at josef@vintagecorkscrews.com

And, if you have an Anton Trunk patent corkscrew, with which you wish to part, feel free to drop me a line.

Here is the Trunk patent in our collection:



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