large bell mystery

As mentioned Wednesday, I picked up a large bell corkscrew on eBay, and the corkscrew looked identical to one that Tommy had recently acquired.


The large bell corkscrew arrived today, and it is pretty fantastic, with some interesting aspects to its construction.

The handle is 5 inches across and hollow–the shaft continues through it, and there are some welds on top, and at the bottom of the handle.

At the top of the bell, is a hex nut, and then the helix is welded on to the piece of metal that serves as the shaft. The helix has some pretty tight turns, but has a very nice sharp point.

The bell itself, is 2 inches in diameter, and just shy of 1 1/2 inches high–not counting the hex nut. In comparing it with the oversize Williamson I have, the diameter is the same but the Williamson is slightly taller.

I can completely understand why the seller deemed this as a shop project. That said, given that Tommy owns the identical piece, with the same aspects to its construction, clearly they were made by the same person/company. Could it be that someone bought the bells from Williamson to make their own corkscrew for bigger bottles?

To give a comparison here is the oversized Williamson, a regular Williamson, and the large silver bell corkscrew:



Truly an interesting corkscrew:

The corkscrew has been painted silver. And, I am tempted to use a little paint remover to see what might be revealed? Would you remove the paint?

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