hunting for a handle…

I was perusing an antiques website yesterday (with a second cup of coffee nearby) and I ran across an interesting looking two pillar corkscrew.

It has a bit of rust and there is some pitting, but the worm looks good! The problem is, the handle has been replaced.

And, it isn’t a very attractive replacement.


Still, a two pillar Thomason is worth buying. And, perhaps I can find a more appropriate handle


After posting a picture of it to the the usual suspects, it was within short order that Tommy called to ask if I wanted to flip it for a quick profit.

So, we went back and forth over the attributes of the corkscrew, the need of a handle replacement, pitting, rust, complete worm, potential value, and ultimately agreed upon a price. But, not before we quite literally flipped for it. At about 50 dollars a part, I asked if he wanted to flip a coin for it.

And, he agreed.

I grabbed a nickel, and Tommy (on his phone in Chicago) called in the air.


Nope, Tommy, tails!

He paid up promptly, and I will send the corkscrew to Chicago, after it arrives.

That said, it looks like Tommy is going to need an appropriate handle for this piece. Let the handle hunt begin!

Thanks for the quick flip TC, and the extra 50 : )

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