barrel knife WITH corkscrew

Im talking to Barry several years ago about things he buys at the various antique shows he attends, we had an interesting discussion about barrel knives. We talked about what to look for, and that, as he would explain, that he, “does quite well with them.”

While at Ardingly with Petey, Webby, and Wally, I picked up a very small barrel knife (along with some corkscrews).


And, Barry was right, I did quite well with that one. In fact, I placed it on eBay and in short order was being asked for buy it now offers. Imagine that : )

At Brimfield, I found another similarly sized barrel knife. It was stuck in the open position, and with a little WD-40 and a little manipulation, the blade released, and it worked rather well.


I did rather well with that one as well : )

Still, of all the Swedish barrel knifes that I have looked at, the one that I have wanted for the collection is the one with the corkscrew.


I keep hoping to run across one, and pick up every barrel knife that I see (not that you see many) with high hopes. Still, one with a corkscrew attached has remained elusive.

Until yesterday.

I was trying book a flight for St. Louis (more on this at a later date) when after getting frustrated with the outrageous prices (it is St. Louis after all), hopped on eBay for a moment.

And, there it was…with a Buy it Now price of 20.00.

20.00!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??????

My heart started racing. I clicked the BIN button, hoping that that I was the first one to it. It went to shipping and payment information, so I thought I was home free.

Except! The address programmed in was for Peter in England. Okay, delete, new address, type quickly!

Breathe, Josef, Breathe.

Okay, address entered correctly, payment sent.

With my heart still racing, I went back to the listing, and realized there is no knife blade present.

Uh oh!!


Ultimately, when I read the listing–something I didn’t do before I bought the knife with corkscrew–the seller had in their description; “The wood handle is inscribed with the word “Sweden”, almost worn off, but still visible. The cork screw does pop up and fold perfectly, but there is another feature (possibly a knife blade) that is not removable, stuck inside the handle.”

Crisis averted!!!

I will have the WD-40 at the ready!

And, while I could do rather well with this one, this is going into the collection!

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  1. Sir… I have this knife. It’s a family heirloom that I keep in the safe at home. While I’ll never sell it, I was curious at what a realistic value is.

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