“der ober”

When I as at Brimfield in May, I picked up an interesting corkscrew with champagne cutter blade. And I have yet to be able to find anything out about it. The handle is marked “Der Ober.”

What makes this particularly interesting, is the handle is designed to have a full length knife blade, as it has the little cutaway where one would be able to fold out the knife. However, that it doesn’t have is a full length knife blade. It has instead, the little hook champagne cutter blade.

Now, one might ask, is the blade missing?


Is there a place where another blade, say folding the opposite direction might have been attached?


In conversations with Barry after I picked it up, we both came to the same conclusion, that whomever made the “der over” corkscrew, used a standard handle, and then affixed whichever knife blade was desired.




But, I would love to learn more about this particular corkscrew/champagne knife? Does anyone else have a “Der Ober,” corkscrew? And, if yes, what blade is attached to yours?

Any information would be appreciated!

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