Even more legs and a Williamson Corkscrew advertising Williamson Corkscrews

A couple of days ago, I caught wind of an estate sale that had a pair of ladies legs within its offerings, but given the location of the sale was 1670 miles away, I made contact with the estate sale person to see if they might be willing to sell them over the phone.

The sale was to take place from Thursday through Sunday, so I sent an email, and also left a message.

Having heard nothing over the weekend; no phone call, no email response, I figured either the person was too busy with the sale, or the legs had sold already.

Today however, the person was apparently a little less busy, and we spoke briefly on the phone.

Yes, the legs are still available, and yes she is willing to mail them to me.

Now, on the estate sale website, the picture didn’t show both sides of the legs, and I will soon be receiving additional pictures.

However, the price was agreed upon in principle, and the deal done unless the pictures show any damage. The estate sale person, explained that she didn’t think there was any 🙂

This pair is a full-sized pair of legs; half flesh with tricolored stockings.

(I haven’t quite figured out why there is a nail inserted into the helix, but I am sure it will easily be removed).


Another nice leggy addition!

Also, I picked up a Williamson corkscrew advertising Williamson corkscrews; not a rarity mind you, but interesting nonetheless.





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