c.t. willetts?

There is an interesting version of the C.T. Willets eyebrow corkscrew enroute to the island. And, while simple in design, the difference in the helix makes it a pretty neat little corkscrew.

More often than not you will find the Willets maked “C.T. WILLETS, LD”



A pretty straightforward eyebrow corkscrew really.

The one that will be arriving shortly, has a very different helix–very much like the unusual broad helix that appears on the hard to find variant of the McBride patent.


Of course, in googling around, I haven’t found a reference for a Willets with the broad helix, but that is certainly what it appears to be


Do you have one of these?

And, do you think this is a Willets or is it something else?

Still, a neat little addition to the collection.

More pictures when it arrives in the coming week.