Multi Steel Co. N.Y.

Not too long ago, there was an interesting collapsible screw driver with corkscrew end listed on eBay. And, I put it on my watch list, hoping that it first, would slip through unnoticed (by other than me), and secondly that in the meantime I would find out some information about it’s origins/timeframe etc.

Included in the lot are some other nesting screwdrivers, but for obvious reasons the one with the corkscrew was the object of my interest and curiosity.


In doing a little research, I did find a reference for Multi Steel Co. N.Y. On May 22, 1932 James Thomas Whiteley of Dunellen, New Jersey was awarded patent 1,959,399. And, his patent for “STEEL AND THE PROCESS OF MAKING SAME” was assigned to Isack W. Heyman and Sol. L. Zavon.


Heyman and Zavon were co-partners doing business and trading as the Multi Steel Co. New York, N.Y. Could this have been made in that timeframe?


In searching a little further, and in email exchanges with a couple of collectors, neither has seen this before. And, granted the corkscrew wouldn’t be of very much use, but it is certainly cool.

The question arises however, is if no one has seen it before, is it a new production piece? If you try googling around for Multi Steel Co., you will find some results, pretty much all of them linking back to the eBay listing–which, didn’t really slip through, but what the heck : )

The hunt for information will continue, but until then, a fun mystery.

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