Hagenauer and a Champagne Knife

I was on the mainland yesterday running errands; dropping off suits at the dry cleaners, buying dog food for P-doggy, hardware store, weights for the lovely personal personal trainer’s fitness studio, etc., and in between I did manage to hit one antique store.

Funny thing about this place. I have been traveling up and down the coast of Maine for years. And, have been collecting corkscrews for just over 15 years, and in all my visits to this particular location, I have yet to buy a corkscrew there. And, it is a multi-dealer mall!

Still, I keep going in, every hopeful.

You just never know when one might turn up!

So, after searching the three floors of non-corkscrew related antiques, I headed back towards the boat, and whilst waiting inline to board saw an interesting listing on eBay. It was a group of corkscrews, with a buy it now of 28.99.

As I saw it on my iPhone the photos were rather small, but in the grouping was an interesting looking direct pull.


There was a better photo, that did show some of the detail. And, while it could be another maker, it certainly looked like a Hagenauer piece.


And, at 28.99, how can you really go wrong.

I clicked, and went back to the listing. There was an additional picture that showed some damage to the helix on the possible Hagenauer piece, but even still, how could I not snap it up.

Speaking of…

Last night, there as another interesting champagne knife with corkscrew that was ending with no bids. And, it looked interesting enough, and since I don’t have one, I threw out a bid–just over the opening price–and when I awoke this morning, I had apparently won.




In looking at the photos, if you look closely you can make out VERITABLE, and I am guessing that when it arrives it will be marked VERITABLE SAUZEDE.

I have no doubt the lovely lovely personal personal trainer will claim this one for her collection.

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