Actually, we didn’t leave, we have just been busy the last few days, and with other chores calling, tending to the blog had to take a back burner.

Still, there was some corkscrewing around.

The Hagenauer pups arrived the other day, and the corkscrew is in much nicer shape than expected. And, the usual suspects have been making enquiries as to whether it would be available for sale or trade.

Will it be sold or traded?

Thus far the offers have been pretty attractive–there have been multiple offers! Feel free to up the ante boys!

Of course, with July waning, and August approaching, much of our attention is focusing on the upcoming ICCA and CCCC meetings. What corkscrews to bring? What corkscrews to bring to the show and tell? What corkscrews to bring for the live auction? What corkscrews to bring to the buy and sell? And, of course, most importantly, what to wear?


That said, one corkscrew definitely will be coming with us. It is a simple wooden bottle figural sheath, and a souvenir for Niagara Falls, Canada.


A fun and inexpensive piece to throw into the auction when we celebrate all things corkscrew in Niagara Falls in a couple of weeks.


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