Addicts visiting Addicts

As mentioned the other day, Ian and Sue Hunter would be coming to the island for a visit, and it has been quite the good time.

On Friday, I headed to the mainland, and met up with Ian and Sue who had already found parking in Rockland, and we loaded their suitcases into the mini. Given that it is a mini, there was little room for the rest of us, so we headed up stairs on the boat and enjoyed the ride to the island. After disembarking, I managed to manipulate the suitcases so we all could fit into the mini and headed for home (a quick ride).

Upon our arrival, the lovely personal personal trainer was waiting for us with champagne at the ready.

A bit of looking around the house (and the view) and ultimately we came upon the corkscrew case. Drawer by drawer we went through, and corkscrews stories were exchanged. No trades, have been made at this point, but we still have today!

We had a casual dinner the first night, as we figured that with so much travel a home cooked meal may be a welcome sight. And, as it happened, with the restaurants on the island being difficult to get a reservation as it is Labor Day weekend, it looks like it will be three nights of home cooked meals.

Italian the first night. Last night local fare including some mutton sausage, and yesterday while we were out boating to another island, one of our neighbors dropped off 8 lobsters. So, tonight it will be lobster and scallops, and whatever else comes to mind–and, probably a little corkscrewing around as well, as I have brought out a few boxes of junk for Ian to go through.

Speaking of boating, yesterday we boarded a friend’s lobster boat with a few other friends and headed off to Criehaven. It was a fabulous time!

A fun visit so far, and perhaps there will be a little kayaking today.

And, then we headed to NYC

The CCCC Meeting this year took place in the upper west side of Manhattan at the fabulous Empire Hotel.

That said, before the conviviality could commence, those of us that were celebrating all things corkscrew with the ICCA needed to make the drive from Watkins Glen, NY to NYC. And, with boxes of corkscrews loaded (really Tommy?) as well as our luggage, the lovely, Tommy, and I started the drive–and decided to take backroads to allow for a bit of antiquing along the way.

As with our previous meandering from Niagara to Dundee/Watkins Glen, there weren’t many corkscrews to be had. Still, we had a nice lunch, with a little wine (big surprise), and ultimately made our way into the city.

With the lovely driving, myself providing directions, and Tommy providing the occasional update from Facebook, the drive was filled with conversations about the ICCA AGM, Tommy’s upcoming visit to the island (in a couple of weeks), and anything else that happened to cross our minds.

Eventually we arrived at the Empire, apparently after the bus carrying all the folk from the ICCA meeting, so we stood in line for a while, and eventually got to our room.


After receiving our goody bag, we headed up to get ready for the first evenings festivities which was to take place on the hotel’s rooftop bar. A pretty hip club–and given that the average age of those hanging out was about 24–we fit right in. Well, some of us fit in more than others : )

The atmosphere was awesome, and wine and drinks flowed. It was fun to see some new faces, and renew acquaintances with a few CCCC’ers that hadn’t been to a meeting in a while.

As the cocktail reception was only supposed to last for an hour and a half, I made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Manhattan, and as the reception was coming to a close, we ducked out and hopped in a cab.

Upon returning, there as a line around the building waiting to get to the rooftop, and as having a room key to the hotel provided VIP access, TC headed up for a nightcap. The lovely and I opted for calling it an evening, as the buy and sell was supposed to start early the next morning.

And, so we bought and sold! I set up my wares, and headed off to see what others had brought. And, within a few minutes of arriving bought a nice two pillar.


I also sold quite a bit, and the dollars and corkscrews were definitely changing hands.

After the buy and sell, came time for the auction. Many of the corkscrews in the auction came from the late Howard Luterman’s collection:




I had put up a few pieces for auction as well, as did others. A few of mine went to the live auction. Not high dollar pieces mind you, but attractive enough to garner a few bids.

As in the past, Sal Robinson created a “Salroco” for the event. This time, Old Blue Eyes. Previous to this year, there have been 4 others. The Auctioneer (which belongs to Joe Paradi), the Author (which belongs to Wayne Meadows, Elvis (which belongs to John Morris), and Babe Ruth (which belongs to me).


The winning bidder ended up being Wayne, but as he owed me a bit of money for a corkscrew that he had purchased but had yet to pay for, so over a glass of wine that evening, we struck a deal and Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra from New York, New York) has been added to the Syroco collection–or is that the Salroco collection.

After the Buy and Sell and Auction, we had time on our own to explore the city. And, having been emailing with Andre Burgos about his new location, we got a small group together and walked the 50 or so blocks to the Chelsea Flea Market.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones to think hitting the Chelsea Flea was a good idea, as when we got there (I am pretty sure everyone else took taxis) there were a few CCCC’ers wandering the area.

Tommy was the only one to buy a corkscrew from our group–a huge fossilized walrus tusk (which Jens explained later was the right hand tusk).


Shortly thereafter we all decided we needed a bite. So, we meandered over to Zagara, a wine bar that the lovely and I have been to a couple of times before.

Following lunch, Karel, Tommy, Ian, Sue, the lovely, and I headed over to he High Line, and enjoyed the people watching (and sometimes avoiding, as there were plenty of them). As we finished the walk, we headed back over to 8th Ave, thinking some of the group would want to get back to the hotel.

All agreed however, to make the long walk back. It really is the best way to see the city–on foot that is.

Finally we made it back to the hotel, where Tommy and Ian needed to attend a meeting. And, the lovely bride and I headed up to take a short break, before getting ready for the CCCC Gala that evening.






And, the Gala did not disappoint! In fact, it was fabulous, we all boarded a bus that took us to a ship, which after a few minutes began to tour around New York City. The views were awesome, and everyone seemed to be having quite the time engaged in conversation or showing off their moves on the dance floor.




After docking, a toast was given to our hosts Bob and Linda who did a fabulous job!, and with the bus ride back, we arrived back at the hotel around midnight.

The following morning, we had the Show and Tell which was followed by the AGM.

There were a couple of corkscrews shown. One of which, interestingly enough John Morris had just purchased from me. Hmmmmm…

I, again, showed the newly discovered Byrn Patent, as some CCCC AGM attendees had yet to see it. And, amongst others, there was a fantastic piece shown by Ian Hunter. A 1901 Japanese patent, it is truly a wonderful thing, and since Ian couldn’t bring it with him, instead he provided a video of it in use.


At this moment, I cannot upload the video to the blog, but Ian has done a nice write-up on the Japanese corkscrew discovery and both the article and the video showing how it works will be uploaded to website in the library section after the next Bottle Scrue Times is published.

After the show and tell, the AGM was held, and there were discussions regarding our next AGM adventures: Romania in 2015 and a possible Vancouver AGM in 2016.

For those looking for information about the 2015 meeting in Romania, Ion Chirescu has a great website for the meeting you can check it out here: CCCC Romania 2015

With the meeting winding up, and the lovely bride and I needing to hit the road, I had to duck out a little early from the meeting. So, for further information about what was discussed, those of you interested should check out the write-up of the entire meeting and our NYC adventure in an upcoming Quarterly Worme–Barry Taylor volunteered to do the write up, so it will surely be a nice article filled with information.

After loading 12 boxes of corkscrews from Tommy into the car, and our luggage, we said our goodbyes. And, we headed off to yet another adventure, this time to the Hudson Valley–no corkscrews there either, but not for a lack of trying.

Finally, we did make it back home–shipped off Tommy’s corkscrews to him yesterday–and now await the arrival of Ian and Sue Hunter who will be staying with us on the island starting tomorrow.

Then, on Monday it is off to Brimfield where surely there WILL be corkscrews. I will report back on any finds, deals, or anything else corkscrew newsworthy as it happens.

Stay tuned.

A look back at the ICCA AGM

Wow. What a good time that was!!!

There are plenty of stories to be told from both the ICCA and CCCC AGM’s, so over the next couple of days, I will post a few photos from each. It was quite the corkscrew adventure!!!

After a fairly long drive, and a couple of nights in Stowe, VT, the lovely personal personal trainer made our way across the border into Canada and arrived in Niagara Falls.


After checking and and registering, we added the goody bag to our luggage and headed up to our room where we prepared for the opening reception which featured a display of corkscrews from the collections of Joe Paradi, Ron Maclean, and Ron Cutajar:








As the evening progressed, Joe (our host) opened a bottle of champagne sabrage style (I really need a sword), and the meeting officially began.

I will add here, that TC’s flight was delayed so he missed the reception (sorry TC).

And, one of our newest addicts was introduced to the club. While Ion Chirescu became a member in 2013, he was unable to attend the Belgium meeting, so his official introduction was made at this meeting–I will add here, that he is hilarious. And, Ion, Tommy, Sue and I spent a lot of time laughing our way through the entire meeting.


The next morning started with the annual Show and Tell. And, many corkscrews were shown and talked about. After keeping one particular piece secret for several months, and waiting to have the first unveiling at the meeting, I brought out the first known signed example of the M.L. Byrn patent. While other corkscrews have been found that have been attributed to Byrn, I was quite excited to show my find–and one that is surely going to make my best 6 of the year.



Tommy, having finally made it to the hotel late into the evening, made it to the show and tell, and brought a few interesting pieces as well. The coolest, was a wall mount corkscrew that got quite a lot of attention.

After the show and tell, we boarded a bus destined for Niagara on the Lake–a place that holds fond memories for the lovely bride and I.

A few stops before we arrived in Niagara on the Lake, it allowed for some fun and interesting conversations, reuniting with old friends, and updating each other on the latest news.

At Niagara on the Lake, Addicts and Go-Withs had some time on their own, and the lovely, TC, and I ended up having a fabulous lunch with a little wine (okay, more than a little).

Following lunch, we made our way back to the bus, which was taking the group for a little wine tasting. We made three stops, and at one winery sparking wine was opened, again sabrage style.






(Have I mentioned that I really need a sword!)

Following the tastings, we made our way back to the hotel where we had a little time to change for dinner–which would include a show. Oh Canada, Eh had the crowd clapping and cheering, and on occasion rolling in laughter as Maurice got some special attention.


After the show, it was back to the hotel. And, with the Buy and Sell and Auction taking place the next morning, after a brief stop at the hotel bar, it was time to turn in. A great first couple of days!

The next morning, after a quick breakfast, it was time to set up for the Buy and Sell. And, corkscrews were definitely bought and sold.

I sold a few, and bought…

I didn’t buy any…

More on this later.

After the buy and sell, it was time to set up for the auction.


There were some interesting corkscrews that made their way to the auction block, with BT having a Pitt patent that hit $11,000.


I had a few in the auction, none of which made that kind of money, nor would they be expected to. Still, there were some surprises; one being a Haff patent variant, that I picked up for 6 dollars at Brimfield, which ultimately sold for 600. Again, not even remotely in the Pitt range, but still a nice return on the investment.

The Auction was followed by our Annual General Meeting. And, after the awards were given out, finances discussed, and a few thank yous offered up for those who do much work on behalf of the club, it was time to elect new officers; with Jens becoming the new Right of the ICCA, and Barry Taylor becoming Chief Correspondent!

Following the buy and sell, auction, and AGM we packed corkscrew up, put them away, and walked to lunch which provided elevated views of the falls.


After a nice lunch, which included TC and BK going back and forth over a potential deal for a Crosby Pup, TC, the lovely, and I snuck out as we had reservations for a boat ride into the falls.




After braving the falls, and discarding our pink plastic attire, we headed back to the hotel, hopped into the car, and headed back to Niagara on the Lake for a little nosh and a glass of wine.


Knowing that we had a special dinner at the hotel, we headed back to get ready for the evening’s events.




The next morning, many members of the club hopped on a bus to take them to Dundee, NY where there would be a corkscrew viewing and lunch at John and Martha’s place. Since we had our car, TC, the lovely, and I packed up corkscrews and luggage, and headed off early to hit a few antique stores along the way.

Only one corkscrew was found, but not for a lack of trying. And, since we had a little extra time, we then headed to Watkins Glen, site of the Gala that evening, and hit a few antique stores there as well. Here too, only one corkscrew was found.


At the appointed time, and after at brief stop at the Twisted Screw, we headed over to John and Martha’s where there was a display of corkscrews patented in New York.







With champagne flowing, and a brisket that was fabulous, the corkscrew conversations continued. And, John made it a point to bring one particular corkscrew that I was excited to see.

In a recent phone conversation John told me that he had found the Frary Sullivan bar screw. And, while I knew of another example of this piece, this is the first one that I had heard of that was actually marked for Frary. A truly fantastic bar screw!



The hunt is on!

(not that it already wasn’t).

While at John and Martha’s, Don Bull and I had a brief discussion about a three pillar Twigg, and out of the trunk of his car a couple of deals were made. I picked up the Twigg and two others, and Tommy struck a deal as well.




With our side deal completed (it seems, I did get to make a purchase after all), it was time to head to the hotel and get ready for the gala. Since our room wasn’t quite ready, we decided a little nosh and some wine.

At the gala, we started with our annual punch!


And, the evening continued with wines from the local Fulkerson Winery, and a fabulous dinner. A wonderful Gala which had John presenting Jens with the Right’s robe and medallion, and announcing that his exiting Right’s name will be “Ya’ll Right.”




As the Gala came to a close, plans were made for the next morning, where we would meet for breakfast, and then make our drive to NYC for the beginning of the CCCC AGM.

Stories from that meeting, will have to wait until tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

And, so the adventure begins…

The lovely personal personal trainer and I will soon be on the boat to the mainland, and begin our sojourn towards Niagara Falls, Ontario for the ICCA AGM.

I am sure there will be some antiquing along the way.

News of any finds will be reported as they happen (well, not as they happen, but shortly after they happen), and of course starting the 18th, it will be all things corkscrew.

Stay tuned!!!


Yesterday, the Subito arrived, and on the outside of the box the customs form read “two corkscrews.”

Two? In the eBay listing it only showed one Subito.

What would the other corkscrew be?

And, if there is only the one in the box, why would the seller/sender write that there were two.

Oh, what could it be?

When I got back home, I grabbed the nearest sharp implement, and cut open the box.

Retrieving the bubble wrapped twosome from the package, I began to unwrap the Subito and the surprise bonus.

Could it be two Subitos?????

(the anticipation is killing you, isn’t it)



That said, I am quite pleased with the Subito, and who doesn’t appreciate a free antique corkscrew gift with purchase!

checking in

The lovely personal trainer and I have been off island for a few days. Boating around Port Clyde, Rockland Boat Show, Union Antiques Show, and various places in between.

At the antique show, there were few corkscrews to be had, but we did pick up a few that will undoubtedly end up on eBay.

At the Rockland Boat show, there were many boats to be had, but we opted not to buy anything at this point. We did see some excellent options, and I am guessing that next year a boat will be added to the fleet:


And, of course we are are getting closer to the ICCA and CCCC AGMs. We leave in 6 days, and are looking forward to celebrating all things corkscrew!

Speaking of, the other day I picked up a corkscrew related item, that will have little value to anyone unless they like the corkscrews of James D. Frary–so for the two of you that do, I found another bank-note from the Frary Cutlery Company that was signed by Anton Trunk–also of corkscrew fame.


Just an interesting piece of corkscrew related history…

If anything corkscrew newsworthy turns up on our way back to the island today, I will report back here.

10 lobsters for 4 people?????

I received an email earlier today that made me chuckle. Amongst other corkscrew conversations it went something like this:

Apart from being very jealous of the abundant supply of lobsters you have, and being even more jealous of the thought that 4 of you will have to share just 10 between you…

And, then it went on from there. After reading it, I realized that I made it sound like we would indeed be eating 10 lobsters with just the four of us doing the eating.

Just to clarify, we will be having a small dinner party to welcome the lovely niece and her lovely husband. So, the 10 lobsters will be for the 8 attendees; a more appropriate ratio, unless you are really really hungry (or the Wineleopard who REALLY loves his lobster)>

(said lobsters are currently crawling around the fridge.

Sorry for the confusion : )

On a corkscrew note, I was on the mainland today and whilst the boat was pulling into the dock, I opened up eBay and found a super corkscrew with a smokin’ buy it now or best offer. I offered, and hoped that nobody would see the fair BIN price and snap it up. In short order the seller emailed, told me his bottom price, and we agreed.




I have always wanted a Subito! And, now, one is enroute!