10 lobsters for 4 people?????

I received an email earlier today that made me chuckle. Amongst other corkscrew conversations it went something like this:

Apart from being very jealous of the abundant supply of lobsters you have, and being even more jealous of the thought that 4 of you will have to share just 10 between you…

And, then it went on from there. After reading it, I realized that I made it sound like we would indeed be eating 10 lobsters with just the four of us doing the eating.

Just to clarify, we will be having a small dinner party to welcome the lovely niece and her lovely husband. So, the 10 lobsters will be for the 8 attendees; a more appropriate ratio, unless you are really really hungry (or the Wineleopard who REALLY loves his lobster)>

(said lobsters are currently crawling around the fridge.

Sorry for the confusion : )

On a corkscrew note, I was on the mainland today and whilst the boat was pulling into the dock, I opened up eBay and found a super corkscrew with a smokin’ buy it now or best offer. I offered, and hoped that nobody would see the fair BIN price and snap it up. In short order the seller emailed, told me his bottom price, and we agreed.




I have always wanted a Subito! And, now, one is enroute!

11 days

It is eleven days until we depart the island for our upcoming ICCA and CCCC corkscrewy adventure. And, we are in the midst of gathering corkscrews for the buy and sell, rounding up corkscrews for the annual auction, and deciding on a few others that will make the show and tell.

For those that haven’t heard, there have been some exciting discoveries recently!

Here are just a sampling of the auction items.


As for the show and tell, you will have to wait for the actual show and tell.

For those not attending, I will share those after they are shown and told.

On the home front, our niece and her husband arrive on the island later today, and 10 lobsters have been requested from a fisherman/friend, and they should be delivered tonight at about 5. So a traditional lobster boil will be taking place on the deck this evening. Thus far (although it is early) it looks like the weather will cooperate.

If not, a traditional lobster boil will be taking place in our kitchen : )

Oh yes, only 4 days until the Union Antique Show!