10 lobsters for 4 people?????

I received an email earlier today that made me chuckle. Amongst other corkscrew conversations it went something like this:

Apart from being very jealous of the abundant supply of lobsters you have, and being even more jealous of the thought that 4 of you will have to share just 10 between you…

And, then it went on from there. After reading it, I realized that I made it sound like we would indeed be eating 10 lobsters with just the four of us doing the eating.

Just to clarify, we will be having a small dinner party to welcome the lovely niece and her lovely husband. So, the 10 lobsters will be for the 8 attendees; a more appropriate ratio, unless you are really really hungry (or the Wineleopard who REALLY loves his lobster)>

(said lobsters are currently crawling around the fridge.

Sorry for the confusion : )

On a corkscrew note, I was on the mainland today and whilst the boat was pulling into the dock, I opened up eBay and found a super corkscrew with a smokin’ buy it now or best offer. I offered, and hoped that nobody would see the fair BIN price and snap it up. In short order the seller emailed, told me his bottom price, and we agreed.




I have always wanted a Subito! And, now, one is enroute!

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