checking in

The lovely personal trainer and I have been off island for a few days. Boating around Port Clyde, Rockland Boat Show, Union Antiques Show, and various places in between.

At the antique show, there were few corkscrews to be had, but we did pick up a few that will undoubtedly end up on eBay.

At the Rockland Boat show, there were many boats to be had, but we opted not to buy anything at this point. We did see some excellent options, and I am guessing that next year a boat will be added to the fleet:


And, of course we are are getting closer to the ICCA and CCCC AGMs. We leave in 6 days, and are looking forward to celebrating all things corkscrew!

Speaking of, the other day I picked up a corkscrew related item, that will have little value to anyone unless they like the corkscrews of James D. Frary–so for the two of you that do, I found another bank-note from the Frary Cutlery Company that was signed by Anton Trunk–also of corkscrew fame.


Just an interesting piece of corkscrew related history…

If anything corkscrew newsworthy turns up on our way back to the island today, I will report back here.

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