Addicts visiting Addicts

As mentioned the other day, Ian and Sue Hunter would be coming to the island for a visit, and it has been quite the good time.

On Friday, I headed to the mainland, and met up with Ian and Sue who had already found parking in Rockland, and we loaded their suitcases into the mini. Given that it is a mini, there was little room for the rest of us, so we headed up stairs on the boat and enjoyed the ride to the island. After disembarking, I managed to manipulate the suitcases so we all could fit into the mini and headed for home (a quick ride).

Upon our arrival, the lovely personal personal trainer was waiting for us with champagne at the ready.

A bit of looking around the house (and the view) and ultimately we came upon the corkscrew case. Drawer by drawer we went through, and corkscrews stories were exchanged. No trades, have been made at this point, but we still have today!

We had a casual dinner the first night, as we figured that with so much travel a home cooked meal may be a welcome sight. And, as it happened, with the restaurants on the island being difficult to get a reservation as it is Labor Day weekend, it looks like it will be three nights of home cooked meals.

Italian the first night. Last night local fare including some mutton sausage, and yesterday while we were out boating to another island, one of our neighbors dropped off 8 lobsters. So, tonight it will be lobster and scallops, and whatever else comes to mind–and, probably a little corkscrewing around as well, as I have brought out a few boxes of junk for Ian to go through.

Speaking of boating, yesterday we boarded a friend’s lobster boat with a few other friends and headed off to Criehaven. It was a fabulous time!

A fun visit so far, and perhaps there will be a little kayaking today.

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