Brimfield — Day One

On Monday, after a lengthy drive down from Rockland–the drive was actually the same length, but the time was lengthier due to holiday traffic–I finally arrived at the hotel in West Springfield. And, in short order, had arrived with Barry to meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner.

At dinner we discussed much about the recent meeting, a bit about recent finds, and I showed him a picture of a corkscrew that been offered in trade/sale, but the final trade/sale/deal hadn’t quite been sealed. After pouring over the pictures, he definitely thought the corkscrew was a good one. And, while I had previously already agreed to a deal in principle–on the the trade, it was nice to get a vote of confidence.

The corkscrew, is a very interesting–and early–folding bow corkscrew, but this example has two helixes. No, not a double helix, but two single helixes. This will make a fabulous addition to the collection, and very well could make the best 6 of the year.


In another recent email exchange, BG informed me that he has an (almost) identical piece, and encouraged me to spring for this one. My side of the trade will be completed in the coming months in Chicago–no, the corkscrew didn’t come from Tommy–and any additional sweetening of the pot, was paid via paypal last night.

On the Brimfield front. Yesterday was the first day, and it was hot. Sweaty hot. And, for some reason, the dealers were in an odd mood. The crowds were a little smaller. The air was heavy with humidity. But, as you would walk along, looking for corkscrews, it was not uncommon to hear the dealers feeling that the crowds were smaller, or had less sense of urgency to buy…

I on the other hand was buying. No rarities per se, but a few bits here and there.

The morning started with 5:00 departure towards Brimfield. And, with BT and I talking, the miles seemed to fly by, and we were pulling up at around 5:30. We walked together towards the first field, then parted ways. We bumped into each other a few minutes later, where BT was buying a 3 dollar direct pull.

In the next booth, I made my own low dollar purchase for 2 dollars. This ultimately would be sold to John Rowley, as it wasn’t a corkscrew, and he could use it in his booth of kitchen collectibles.

With a tidy profit in hand, I set out to find something for my own collection, and eventually made a few purchases. Nothing super rare, but still a good day at Brimfield.


In a few minutes, BT and I will be heading out for day two at Brimfield.

What big find will turn up? You will have to stay tuned…