Brimfield – Day Three, the drive back home, and Norm Thompson

Yesterday morning, I headed to Brimfield knowing that it would only be a brief hunt, as I had to head back home.

After the requisite couple of cups of coffee, I met up with Barry and waited for the 9 o’clock start. As mentioned in the past, the Thursday opening of May’s field, really kicks off Brimfield. And, more often than not, you get a few more buyers than what had turned up the previous two days. Also, at May’s no seller is allowed to put our any items until the gates open, so there is a lot of walking around, asking questions, and then making a return visit with high hopes.






As was the case with most of the fields this trip to Brimfield, there were few corkscrews to be found. And, those that were found, were pricey for what was being offered. With only an hour or so to make the rounds, I did my best to hit all the booths (twice). This required a bit of hustling around.

I did manage to pick up one piece however. There was a nice example of the 1885 Wier’s Reliable Lazy tongs, and it was a fair price.

Just before I needed to head off, I met up with BT, and he too had found little. Despite the lack of dealers, and lack of corkscrews, we both managed to make some good finds, and it was a nice few days traipsing around Brimfield.

After saying our goodbyes, I hopped in the xterra and headed for home. And, after a brief stop to pick up some antique furniture that a friend had bought just the other day, I made it onto the last boat.

With the lovely personal personal trainer teaching a couple of spin classes last night, I had a little time on my hands, so I unpacked my bags, and did a little teaching.


While I was waiting for a few papers to download, I hopped on eBay for a couple of minutes. I wondered what I had been missing while I was off hunting around.

About 4 years ago, I blogged about finding a Norm Thompson signed Valezina. And, while Ian Hunter was here, he had asked about it several times, as he collects Valezinas and wants this particular corkscrew to add to his collection. And, here one was with a decent buy it now price. Guessing that Ian did not have his laptop with him, as he is hiking around Bar Harbor. I clicked, and paid.

All yours Ian!



As it happens Ian, myself, and the two Sues will be meeting up for dinner in Camden, Maine tonight. It will be fun to hear about their Bar Harbor adventure, and to see if any corkscrews were found along the way.