Chasing Valezinas (and skunks)

As mentioned the other day, I managed to pick up a Norm Thompson Valezina for Ian, and on Friday night we met up with Ian and Sue on the mainland, and discussed the merits of said Valezina. Ian then explained that there are two variations, or potential variations, as there are both a wide thread and narrow thread variety in his collection of Valezinas.

(And, I thought I was into the minutiae when it came to corkscrews)

When the Norm Thompson example arrives, I will check it out. Now, we need to find him the Italian example; a variation that is on his want list.

The discussion of the Valezinas, which took place on our walk to dinner on Friday night, led to a discussion on his corkscrew find in Bar Harbor; a picnic, that apparently is a Haff, or at least appears in a catalog which illustrated Haffs. Interestingly, it was the identical piece to the one that Ian was interested in that he found in my junk box.


Perhaps the Haff picnic should make its way out of the junk box, and into the drawer full of Haff patents. Thanks Ian!

After dinner, which was fabulous, on our walk home, about 50 feet in front of us, a skunk popped out of the bushes and onto the sidewalk. And, after looking around for a moment, it started scurrying across the street. Ian, broke from the group, and scurried after it–hoping for a picture.

I will add here, that no skunks or corkscrew addicts were injured or harmed in the process.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast together, and said our goodbyes. It was nice to catch up after their Bar Harbor (and my Brimfield) adventure. Much of the conversation, beyond corkscrews, was about our next adventure together; possibly Hawaii, and eventually a trip to Sydney. I can hardly wait!

After breakfast, the lovely personal personal trainer and I headed off to Port Clyde for a visit. Ian and Sue spent second night in Camden, before starting on the next leg of their journey.

After a lovely visit with our friends in Port Clyde, we hopped on the boat, and made it home last night. Now it is back to teaching (me) and personal training (Sue), and making preparations for Tommy who will be arriving later in the week.

Stay tuned.