Collections within our collections

In The Bottle Scrue Times, there have been several articles about the collections that we have within our collections. For example, Frary corkscrews for me, Williamson Flashes for Tommy Campnell, Adelaides for Ian Hunter, or wall mount corkscrews for John Morris. It does seem that in our respective collections, often there is a specific area of focus (some might call it an obsession) where we amass a significant number of similar corkscrews. For me this started with Syroco, moved on to Frarys, and Curley/Hicks & Reynolds. In between, there was a focus on Davis/Puddefoot corkscrews, and of course there have been others along the way.

While I have not even come close to the numbers of Adelaides in Ian’s collection (650), or the number of Flashes in Tommy’s collection (850+), I think it would be interesting to find out what particular corkscrew has been your focus/obsession.

For me, when a different example comes along; a different worm, different advertising, variation in manufacturing, I HAVE to add it to the collection.

Just the other day, there was a nice Puddefoot on the second favorite online auction site. This one is the harder to find boat handle Detroit, in pretty awesome condition and bearing no advertising.

I HAD to HAVE it!





This variation of the Detroit/Davis/Puddefoot corkscrew brings the count to 20 variations. And, while this number pales in comparison with the Adelaide or Flash count in Ian’s or Tommy’s collections, I have no doubt that when another different one turns up for sale, the count will go up to 21, 22, 23…


So, the question remains. What type of corkscrew do you find yourself obsessing over? Whether it is Clough wires with advertising, Syroco Figurals, Valezinas, Clarks, Will & Fincks, Sterling Roundlets, Williamson Flashes, celluloid figurals, a particular type, particular maker, particular patent… What small (or large) collection would one find within your collection?

Feel free to email a response, and perhaps a photo, and I will gladly share it in a future blog.

Maybe others have one (or several) that they may want to send your way.

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