speaking of obsessions…

As mentioned yesterday, it does seem that each of us has collections within our collections, or mini collections within our collections. And, for Ian, as you may have read, besides Adelaides, can openers with corkscrews, Alessis, and others, he has a certain fondness for Valezinas. And, the Norm Thompson Valezina that he was after arrived, and it has, as he described, much tighter threading than other examples.



btw: if you have a Norm Thompson signed Valenzina with wider (less tight) threads, let me know…

In my own collection within a collection obsessed world, I was sent an email the other day asking if I was interested in purchasing a small collection of corkscrews: close to 80 of them to be exact. I looked at the picture, estimated the value of the entire collection and came up with a price. Of course, given that much of the collection would be duplicates, I responded to the seller with a few options.

☐ I could give guidance and help them sell the collection.

☐ Perhaps send the photo to other collectors, and solicit offers.

☐ And, would they be willing to sell one piece that I would like to add to the Frary corkscrew collection.

Yes, there is a Frary like corkscrew within the collection!


While we cannot be definitely sure, as the Frary Catalogue has yet to be discovered (not for a lack of trying), the squashed handle looks remarkably similar, and I am betting it is indeed a Frary.


Now, Fred has this, and to this point he has been unwilling to give it up (not for a lack of asking on my part). And, Barry managed to grab one last year from another collection.

(Not that I am trying to keep up with the Joneses–or the Taylors or Kincaids–mind you).

This will be a nice addition to the Frary corkscrew collection (within our collection) and puts the Frary-ations count at 18.

I will provide more photos after it arrives in a couple of days!

Stay tuned!

And, be sure to send pictures and descriptions of your collections within your collection for inclusion in a future blog!