Make that 19

Yesterday, I had mentioned the squashed handle Frary bell assist, which would make for the 18th variation in the collection of corkscrews made by James D. Frary.

I know, I am obsessed.

Interestingly however, RL recently picked up the decorative handle Frary with the bell assist. And, while I have long had that type (and actually have owned several) the one that RL found looks to be a full-nickel plate example.

photo 1[5]

On page 569 of the April 11, 1889 issue of Iron Age magazine, it explains that Frary’s corkscrews came in, “…two styles of finish, one of which is full nickel-plate and the other bronzed, with nickel plated screw and trimmings.”

Yes, for those of you that collect Frarys, there are two versions of each! At least that is what is explained in Iron Age–you can read my Finding Frary article here

For example, here is the Frary Gundlach corkscrew in bronzed AND full nickel plate finish:


Knowing that there are two different finishes, and that RL isn’t really attached to Frary (unless it is his example of the Gundlach, which he treasures), I figured I should make him an offer.

Deal, Done! And, there are soon to me 19 variations in the Frary corkscrew collection.

Speaking of, here is the aforementioned squashed oval handle Frary with integrated bell.


When the shiny Frary from Robert arrives, these will be added to the Frary Corkscrews page.

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