No, I am not ignoring all of you…

Over the last few days, I have been working on a construction project, so my time for corkscrewing around has been somewhat limited.

The latest addition to the house, is a small bump out in the living room.  So, with the help from a friend, we removed the existing window and built a platform upon which said window can be reinstalled, framed some walls, and then added a roof.  As of today, we are all buttoned up, with insulation in the walls, and tomorrow we will trim it out, roof it, and move inside to do some electrical, sheetrock, and put on some finishing touches.

It makes for a fabulous window seat, and I am pretty sure will become my “office.”

IMG_1279 progress1 progress SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

For those of you in dire need of corkscrew news, I did pick up an interesting folding bow corkscrew today online. After doing a bit of research (which isn’t hard to do, providing you have Ferd and Bert’s “History of Pocket Corkscrews and Pocketknives,”

dutchbow dutchcorkscrew2

…it turns out, this is Peter Ambjornsen’s 1922 Danish patent DK 30,276.

A nice little addition.

More on the remodel (and corkscrews) soon!

Stay tuned!