Another Advertising Converse

The other day, I received an email from Bob Gilbride asking what Clough medicine corkscrews that I had in the collection, and would they be available for sale or trade.  And, along with the request, he also included a list of the ones in his collection.  After pursuing his list, I headed over to the corkscrew case and took a picture of the extras that I have.


Two of which weren’t on Bob’s list.

So, I have two that he wants, what will I get in return?

I ran through the must haves, but knowing that the Cloughs don’t command a huge sum, and the fact that we have been friends for years, I settled on another (different) advertising Converse patent.


This one carries advertising for:

Whole Liquor Dealer
Farrell, P.A

After it arrives, this one will be added to the Maschil Converse Cork Extractor page.

If you have a Converse with unusual advertising on the sheath, please drop me a line!

There was yet another deal between Bob and I, just recently completed.  More on that very soon!

Stay tuned.

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