a busy day of corkscrewing around…

Every once in a while, I will check out my wordpress “dashboard.”  This particular section of the blog, which is only visible to the blogger, will provide a listing of recent blogs that have been viewed.  These, most often, are a result of some google search, or similar.  Here are some of the recent dashboard blog views:

Top Posts (the past week)
Absinthe Corkscrew 3 views
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another corkscrew stand… 2 views
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q-tip with a corkscrew…? 1 view
Cap’n Corky the Party Porky 2 views

If it is the current entry that has been viewed, this information shows up in a different department.

That said, what often happens is after a past blog has been searched and then viewed, either an email follows offering one of the corkscrew having been searched for, or that same corkscrew suddenly turns up on eBay.  It doesn’t always happen this way, but it is relatively consistent.

So, on a whim, I googled “Cap’n Corky the Party Porky” to see if someone had decided to sell the Howard Ross Pig on a website other than eBay.

One hadn’t been offered to me via email, and there is no current listing like that on eBay.

Keep in mind this is just a theory.

And, what do you know, an antique shop that also maintains a Facebook page, just posted that they had found one.  And, after a phone call, the Party Porky is heading to the island!


Hopefully, it will clean up a bit.

But, wait… that is not all!

In between making phone calls to the aforementioned antique dealer, an interesting listing for a lever corkscrew turned up on eBay in the UK.  In the listing a Lund corkscrew was pictured next to a Holborn lever.  Now, I don’t have a Holborn lever, and while the corkscrew part is the incorrect one, the buy it now on the item was a smoking deal.  I didn’t hesitate!


If you have the correct worm for this, I would gladly trade for it.

Drop me a line!