26.2 and a Frary Giant

I did not find a single corkscrew while running the Portland Marathon!

Although, an estate sale or garage sale along the way would have provided a welcome break.

The race went fairly well, with my first half completed at a fairly nice pace.  The second half however, got the best of me, and I slowed significantly.  Still, it was awesome at mile 21 to see the lovely personal personal trainer waiting for me with an energy bar, some fresh water, and words of encouragement.

Then between mile 22 and 23, there she was again, this time hopping into the race with me as we climbed a fairly long hill.

And, then again!  Having hopped into the Xterra, she was waiting for me just shy of 26, and hopped into the race again, moving to the side as I neared the finish line.

She is pretty darn awesome!

After the race, we headed for our hotel, and after showering headed out for lunch.  First order of business, margaritas!   A great lunch at El Rayo ( http://elrayotaqueria.com ), and following that a beautiful day traipsing (albeit a little slowly) around the old port.

As mentioned above, I did not find a corkscrew while running the marathon, but over the last couple of days a deal has been in the works for a Frary Giant Self-Extracting corkscrew.  The Giant is actually not that big, just described as such in Kenneth Cope’s book, and in a copy of a circa 1889 issue of Iron Age.

In that particular issue of Iron Age it is explains:

The cut herewith given represents this article, which is one of the extended line put on the market by James D. Frary, Meriden, Conn. It is entirely of metal and finished full nickel-plated or bronzed with nickel-plated screw or trimmings. The screw is described as made of best cast-steel, hardened and tempered. The operation of the spring on the shank will be readily understood, and it is claimed that by means of it the hardest cork can be extracted without pulling.

Now, I do already have a Frary Giant, but this one is slightly different being nickel-plated, and with an odd manufacturing difference of the spring being inside the frame.   The spring being placed here, wouldn’t serve much purpose, but it is still a Frary, and nickel version–how could I not make the deal : )


A nice addition to the Frary collection, and when the Giant arrives, it will be interesting to examine how (and possibly why) the spring is inside the frame, rather than above it.