They Might Be Giants…

Let me preface this post by saying “GO S.F. GIANTS!!!”

That said, there have been a couple of corkscrew arrivals as of late…

As I collect all things Frary (or at least am trying to).  And, as mentioned the other day, I made a deal for a nickel-plated example of the Frary Giant.  Here it is pictured next to the bronzed example.


While I know it is fairly obvious, the spring, which would be on the top of the frame, underneath the handle, is inside the frame on the nickel-plated Giant.  I haven’t tried to fix this piece, but I am interested in hearing what you all would do. Fix it? or Leave it as is?

On another note, GO S.F. GIANTS!!!!!!!

Stay tuned, you never know what might turn up next